Root Canal Therapy

Human tooth anatomy dentistry medical concept as a cross section of a molar with nerves and root canal symbol as a 3D illustration.

At Wachtel Dentistry, we want to ensure that every patient receives the highest quality dental treatment in Geneseo. With dental problems like root canals, we truly want to get to the root of the problem fast, relieve any pain you may be feeling, and treat the issue immediately. A root canal is a procedure that effectively eases the pain associated with a bacterial infection deep within the pulp of the tooth. It is our job as Geneseo dentists to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile for life, and we will be sure to do just that!



What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that extracts decayed pulp (the soft, living tissue inside each tooth) from the central part of the tooth, reshapes the canal and replaces it with strengthened filler. There are a number of reasons a root canal may be necessary, including dental injuries, severe decay and infection or inflammation in the tooth pulp. When left untreated, these problems can lead to severe tooth decay reaching the root of the tooth, causing extensive damage to the tooth structure. When the damage goes beyond what can be treated with a filling, we can perform a root canal to preserve the tooth and retain its original integrity.


Root Canal Procedure

1. During a normal endodontic procedure, your Geneseo dentist will examine the tooth and surrounding areas, both visually and with radiographs (X-rays).

2. Once the treatment is decided upon, the tooth will be numbed with local anesthetic and a dental dam placed over the area to protect the area and keep it clean and dry.

3. An opening is made in the tooth and the pulp is removed from the pulp chamber and root canals.

4. After the pulp is removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned, and the doctor will seal the canals.


This procedure can be completed in one visit, but more extensive cases may require another appointment. You will also be able to drive yourself home after the appointment.


After the Root Canal Procedure

You should not experience any problems after your root canal, but if you do, please contact our Geneseo office immediately. Depending on the severity of your situation, we may schedule you for a follow-up visit so we can check your healing. This appointment will only last a few minutes and is free of charge.


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